The Cloud Cowboy Reference Manual
2020 Edition

Download the Cloud Cowboy Reference Manual (PDF)

The first “Cloud Cowboy Reference Manual” was created in 1990 to give new members of Garland RACES basic storm spotting information. The cover was a hand-scrawled picture of a cowboy with a handie-talkie in his hand calmly reporting “... no rain, no wind in Mapsco ...” as a tornado approached from behind. It was six sheets of 8 1/2 by 11 paper copied on both sides with “the basics.” 

As always, the contents of this manual are meant for you to build upon. Please add whatever will make it work best for you and pass along any ideas, changes, or suggestions to  

If you find this reference manual useful, please thank the contributing Amateur Radio Operators, Dallas County RACES Radio Officers, and organizations credited throughout. Finally, thanks especially to all SKYWARN spotters for braving the storms for the protection your families, friends, neighbors, and communities.

73 de
Pat Hykkonen

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