City of Dallas RACES Appointments

The following RACES appointees are further appointed to fulfill the assigned role within the City of Dallas RACES:

Pat Hykkonen, NT5PH, Radio Officer
Dhiren Parbhoo, K5FPP, Assistant Radio Officer
Bernie Parker, K5BP, Assistant Radio Officer - Technical and Engineering
Megan McGowan, KF9AS, Assistant Radio Officer - Training
Randy Patterson, KE5JIT, Assistant Radio Officer - Administration

Appointed Net Control Stations responsible for radio circuit discipline on City of Dallas and county wide RACES nets:
Dhiren Parbhoo, K5FPP
John Hazelton, KF5IOU
Katherine Hall, KE5ZCM
Megan McGowan, KF9AS
Randy Patterson, KE5JIT
Ray Feagins, W5AGG
Roger Elkinton, KE5YTA
Tony Mendina, NT5NT